Benefits and Side Effects of Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure Therapy has got many health benefits as well as a few side effects too. So, it is highly advised to know some basics about the benefits and limitations of using Reflexology for curing common problems.

Advantages of Acupressure

There are a lot of pros of using Acupressure therapy, which include:

  • Stress Management: It helps in giving stress relief for mental piece.
  • Blood Circulation: By stimulating the corresponding points, one can improve blood flow and energy in the body.
  • Digestion: Not just improvement in digestion, there are acupressure points to reduce stomach related problems such as ulcer, gas, acidity, chest burn etc…
  • Weight Loss: It helps in losing weight by stimulating organs that reduce food cravings and balances appetite. It also lessens the amount of wastes in the body.
  • Nausea: If you’re allergic to some foods, you may feel a kind of nausea and it can be solved using the pressure points.
  • Cold/Flu: Get relief from nasal problems, runny nose, sinus congestion, cold, cough, dizziness, arthritis, sore throat.
  • Eye Care: Improve eyesight through massaging the related points.
  • Beauty Care: Chinese use this therapy to improve the skin tone and also heal skin disorders.
  • Hair Fall: Say no to hair fall and improve hair growth.
  • Constipation: Most people these days are suffering with constipation issues. You can easily get relief from constipation problem using the acupressure.
  • Brain Functions: Improve memory power, relief from depression
  • Pain Relief: Get relief from body pains, headaches, menstrual cramps in women
  • Thyroid: Improve the functionality of thyroid, Asthma and fight diabetes
  • Fight Addiction: Tobacco, Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs
  • Fertility: Improve sexual problems by boosting fertility
  • Relaxation: Give both mental and physical relaxation to your body
  • Self-Treatment: Reflexology is very easy and can be performed by self or without needing any assistance.
  • Mobility: You don’t need any accessories or tools to practice acupressure. It can be performed anywhere and all you need is some time to apply the pressure.
  • Age Limit: There is no age limit to apply pressure points. Starting from a 2 month old baby to an old grandpa, anyone can be benefited from it.

Side Effects of Acupressure Therapy

As with any other treatment options, even Acupressure has got some side effects or we could just say limitations because Reflexology is safe to practice.

  • Applying pressure at wrong points will not give any relief to the problem and sometimes it may lead to raise of some other problems.
  • Too much or too little pressure is not helpful to get relief from the problem. In fact, applying too much pressure may cause fracture of that part.
  • Applying acupressure points during pregnancy can cause miscarriages and rubbing at wrong points may posses a threat to both the mother as well as the baby.
  • It can cure body pains or flues etc.., but can’t cure ailments related to heart, brain, kidney and liver completely. You’ll need to depend on conventional treatments (doctors) for such problems along with Reflexology to get desired results in less time.
  • Don’t expect to treat Cancer with Reflexology
  • Some diseases can be cured for the short term, but they may show up again in the future.
  • It doesn’t help in critical problems like heart attacks, cancers, kidney issues etc…
  • If the disease is older (or severe), Reflexology doesn’t help much and may instead worsens the problem.
  • One of the biggest limitation or drawback of acupressure therapy is that it takes a lot of time to treat long-standing ailment. Since each pressure point has to be stimulated for at least 5 to 10 minutes, it not only consumes more time, but also turns expensive, if assisted by a therapist.

Who Should not Practice Acupressure?

Acupressure or Reflexology is not for everyone and below is a list of those who should stay away from applying pressure points.

  • Patients with Diarrhea and high fever
  • Patients with Osteoporosis
  • People having fracture bones
  • Women who is carrying a baby (pregnancy): Correct application is fine, but wrong pressure point may pose a threat to both mother and baby. So, better stay away if you’re pregnant.
  • People with diseases that are critical in condition (severe)

These are a few benefits and side effects of Acupressure treatment. If you’re in a confused state about whether to use Reflexology to treat your problem or not, then it is highly advisable to seek advice from a certified Acupressure Therapist.

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