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10 Health Benefits Of Ginger According To TCM

In Western Medicine, ginger has been shown to have “bioactive and antioxidant” properties, which could have a beneficial effect on health. But do you know that for centuries, ginger has been widely used by the Chinese as a solution for a great variety of issues? Let us find out.

Weight loss
Some overweight people always feel that their body is heavy and are often lethargic. This could be due to too much dampness in the body and the “qi” is insufficient to push the body to function in full force. Try drinking ginger red tea to replace your daily water intake. Simply add 2-3 slices of ginger to a cup of hot red tea and drink throughout the day. This is suitable for post-natal women too. Ginger works to remove dampness and add “heat” aka fuel to the body.

Hair loss
Ginger is good for people who suffer from hair loss due to oily scalp. Ginger helps remove oil and bacteria, reduce dandruff, and increase blood circulation to hair follicles to stimulate the growth of hair. Simply soak slices of ginger in warm water. Massage your scalp using ginger water and let it rest for 5 minutes before rinsing.

The next time you have a headache, try soaking both feet in warm ginger water for 15min. Remember the water level should be above the ankle. You may add some salt to the ginger water. Keep the water temperature at around 40 degrees C/ 104 degrees F (slightly above our body temperature). After a ginger foot bath, you should feel that your skin turns slightly red and start to sweat. The heat from ginger helps stimulate blood circulation, remove dampness from the body, and relieve pressure on your head.

Motion sickness
Ginger is effective in curing nausea and preventing vomiting. Chew a few slices of ginger before you go on a trip to prevent motion sickness. If you do not like the taste of raw ginger, soak ginger slices in honey for an hour before you chew them. A side note: ginger preserved in honey is actually a popular snack in China.

Prepare a slice of ginger and add 2 drops of vinegar to the ginger. Place the ginger above your belly button and secure it in place with plaster. Go to sleep with ginger on and remove it the next day. Ginger helps increase the energy of your intestines and solve constipation issues.

Do you notice that there is always ginger in Asian cooking, in particular, fish? Well, ginger does spice up the dish and covers up the fishy smell. But more importantly, it is used to remove the “chill” in fish. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all food can be categorized under “heat” and “chill”. As it is always about balance, eating food that has too much “chill” in it will result in a weak body. Fish is in the “chill” group. In order to balance out the “chill”, a “heat” food i.e. ginger is added. So be generous in adding ginger to your seafood.

Facial spots
Irritated by the age spots on your face? Try this natural remedy. Heat up the whole ginger in the microwave for a minute. Then make thin ginger slices. Rub the ginger slices on those age spots. Do so 2-3 times daily.

Flu/ Cold
Besides lemon drink, you can also try a ginger drink. Cut ginger into thin strips and boil with raw sugar in water. Drink when warm. Want more flavors? You may use a can of original coke and boil it with ginger. Yup, it still tastes good without the gas.

Bloody gum
Rinse your mouth with ginger water twice a day. Ginger helps heal open wounds.

Body ache
Feeling muscle sore? Boil some ginger in water and add a bit of salt and vinegar. Soak a towel in the ginger mixture and place the towel over sore muscles when the water is still warm.

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