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What You Should Know About Scraping Massage

Scraping Massage is an alternative form of therapy that originates from East Asia. It involves a massage tool to scrape one’s skin in order to improve the circulation of blood through the body.

How To Choose Proper Gua Sha Tools?

Gua sha is a tool-assisted derma abrasion therapy that produces petechiae on the skin and is of therapeutic value. To administer the Gua sha therapy, it is a must to […]

How To Perform Gua Sha At Home

We often experience pain and sore in the neck, knee, and back. Attribute that to either lousy posture or lifestyle, but the pain is very irritating and disturbing. One no […]

Massage With Jade Roller For Anti-aging

There is an old story that thousands of years ago, the Empress of China used rollers made of jade to maintain her youthful appearance and luster.

How Does Gua Sha Massage Work?

Gua Sha is one such time-tested and popular therapeutic technique of East Asia. Tired of symptomatic treatment by the allopathic medicines and their associated reactions and side effects, many people […]

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