Jade Facial Massage Roller

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Give yourself a relaxing facial massage without having to go to the spa! Get yourself the Facial Massage Jade Roller and feel the comfort of a relaxing facial right from the comfort of your home. This Asian massage facial tool will cool, tighten, and de-puff your face in seconds.

Jade Rolling Benefits:

  • Glow Your Skin: The Jade Roller invigorates, calms, and awakens the tissue by stimulating your lymphatic system and allowing it to work more efficiently. This natural stone helps to keep your skin supple. The double-ended rollers allow you to cover both broad and fine detail areas effectively.
  • Roll away your wrinkles: The Chinese have been using jade for centuries to massage the skin, lymph channels, and muscles. Used frequently, a jade roller is meant to tone the skin, and give facial muscles a ‘work-out.
  • Achieve Soft Skin: Achieve fairer, softer skin when you massage your face regularly using this jade tool. Roll the jade massager upwards to enhance the skin and avoid sagging. With gentle strokes, you can lessen the puffiness of your face and remove under-eye bags and dark circles.

Aside from those benefits, this Jade Roller can easily absorb the oils and serum you place on your skin if you soak them in hot water or close your pores when you use a cold jade roller.

2 reviews for Jade Facial Massage Roller

  1. Sara Tonkin

    Absolutely beautiful! Rolls smoothly!

  2. Jennifer Thomas

    I ordered as different brand Rose Quartz roller and it brulee on the first use. This product is way better quality, rolls easily and after a few weeks of use my skin is glowing. Highly recommend!

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