Smokeless Moxibustion Cushion Set

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  • Easy Moxibustion: Just sit, lie down, lean, or step on this moxibustion cushion, you can use it for moxibustion treatment on various parts of your body, especially convenient for women to use moxibustion to relieve menstrual pain, body cold and other symptoms, enjoy moxibustion at home with more ease and flexibility.
  • Mild Moxibustion: The unique honeycomb design allows the moxa sticks to burn more evenly and gently, providing constant and appropriate heat for moxibustion treatment, which can warm the body and make people feel relaxed.
  • Smokeless Design: If you can stand the moxa smell, it is recommended to let the small amount of smoke aimed directly at the lesion since it can be a little more effective. If you want to be smokeless, just put on the filter cover and then most of the smoke will be filtered out. Furthermore, you can also choose to use it with our smokeless moxa sticks, then there will be basically smokeless.
  • Premium: Solid wood frame designed, which can hold up to 80KG of weight, making the moxa cushion more durable.


  • Product size: Approx. 16″diameter Wide x 4″Height.
  • Item Weight: Approx. 2KG.
  • Package Includes 1 x Moxibustion Cushion Set, 1 Pack x Moxa Sticks.

4 reviews for Smokeless Moxibustion Cushion Set

  1. Abigail

    The product was exactly what I expected it to be, Easy and comfortable to use.

  2. Kristi C.

    I got this for a few months and I use it every week for my back pain, Actually is very convenient to use I can lay down on it or I can use different positions! And the medicine put in the middle that Is so easy to use! I really like the design!

  3. Ellie

    Pretty good to use

  4. Sophia

    Got this in today and tried it out and absolutely love love it so relaxing

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