Why Do People Like Foot Baths So Much in China?

As we all know, living in a country with a long history, Chinese people have lots of traditional ways to nurture their health, in which foot bath owns many supporters. In China, people not only have specialized foot baths places, but they will also find ways to do footbaths at home.

China’s foot reflexology is a significant part of Chinese foot bath because Chinese people believe it can nurture their health. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the soles of the human body have very rich acupuncture points, and there will be corresponding meridian connections. China foot reflexology will stimulate the acupoints on the soles to cause the acupoints and meridians to unblock. Moreover, reflexology can also help people to relax the body, eliminate fatigue, and improve the quality of sleep. Therefore, Chinese people invented many unique Chinese foot massagers to help them get a better foot bath experience.

In China, whether you are professional athletes, teachers, doctors, white-collar workers, students, etc., as long as you have symptoms of physical fatigue caused by exercise, sitting for a long time, or just want to relax, you can use a foot bath to solve it.

The reasons for people to do a foot bath

1. It is a traditional habit

The footbath in China has a history of thousands of years. The earliest documentary record is the “Elbow Reserve Jifang” in the Jin Dynasty, which has a history of more than a thousand years. “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine”, “Mohe Zhiguan”, “Hua Tuo Secret Collection” and “Historical Records” and other ancient Chinese historical books all have related records of foot baths. Besides, there are also records of foot reflexology in China thousands of years ago.

After thousands of years of cultural influence, Chinese people have developed the habit of the foot bath and foot reflexology. Nowadays, if you ask a Chinese person why he likes to do foot bath, he probably won’t tell you the origin and related ancient books of it, but he will know it is a traditional way to nurture health and has a long history.

2. Foot bath is convenient

Different from cupping, moxibustion, and other health-preserving methods, a foot bath is very convenient and fast, all of which can be done in the comfort of your home. The simplest foot bath only requires a pot of hot water at the right temperature, and you can soak your feet for a while to relax. If you want a more advanced experience, you can add a foot bath bag in the water, in which there are many Chinese medicine materials. Moreover, if you want a most comfortable experience, it is very simple to do a China foot reflexology at home, too. You just need to get a Chinese foot massager online or at the grocery store. As long as it is powered on, it can automatically give you fantastic foot reflexology.

3. It does have many benefits to do a foot bath

Footbath health care therapy is one of the various methods of foot therapy. It uses the warming, mechanical, chemical, and therapeutic effects of water to dredge the body and penetrate the muscles and bones, to achieve a series of health care effects. The specific benefits are as follows:

  • Enhance cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions;
  • Improve sleep quality, eliminating fatigue;
  • Eliminate sub-health conditions;
  • Enhance human body resistance.

Combined with China’s foot reflexology by using a foot massager, footbath can get a better result. The specific benefits are as follows:

  • Promote blood circulation;
  • Stimulate the acupuncture points, reflection areas, and meridians of the feet;
  • Has a good auxiliary effect on the treatment of many diseases.

In addition to the theoretical benefits, the most significant benefits of a foot bath are that it can relax the body, relieve fatigue, and improve sleep. These benefits can be felt directly once you tried this traditional way.

The Chinese way to make a foot bath

Footbath health care therapy is divided into ordinary hot water foot bath therapy and foot medicine bath therapy.

1. The ordinary hot water foot bath therapy

The ordinary hot water foot bath just needs a pot of hot water, whose best temperature is 38℃~43℃. Then all the things you need to do is put your feet into the water and relax. The time you do a foot bath needs to be controlled between 20 to 30 minutes.

2. The foot medicine bath therapy

The foot medicine bath therapy needs to choose the appropriate medicine, add warm water after decocting the medicine in water, and then take a foot bath. The medicinal liquid ions can enter the human blood circulation through mucosal absorption and skin penetration under the warm and mechanical action of water, and then be transported to the body’s internal organs to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. If you think it is too troublesome to choose medicines and decoctions, you can also buy a ready-made foot bath bag. The water temperature and time are the same as the ordinary hot water foot bath.

If you want to do a China foot reflexology at the same time to help your body absorb the medical liquid ions, the reflexology time should be more than 15 minutes, but no more than 30 minutes. Nowadays, many foot massagers are provided if you want to make a China foot reflexology at home, you just need to purchase an appropriate one and power it on. Also, if your city has a foot bath place, you can go there and enjoy your China foot reflexology service.

Some products Chinese people use when they do a foot bath

1. Footbath barrel

If you are interested in a better foot bath experience, a fantastic foot bath barrel is of great significance. There are various foot bath barrels you can choose from, which are made of different materials and have different functions. Some of them are made of wood, such as Cedar, Oak, and so on. Most of the others are made of plastic. Also, you can find different functions on these barrels. The simplest barrel is just a water container, but the advanced have much more functions.

Among these barrels, I most recommend the Chinese foot massager. It is a barrel but more than a barrel because it can not only be a water container but also provide you with a China foot reflexology experience. Most of them are automatic, which means compared to the traditional foot bath barrels, you don’t need to do anything more, too.

2. Chinese herbal packs

The Chinese herbal packs are made of non-woven fabric and medicinal materials inside, which can prevent damage to medicinal materials and isolate medicinal residues. Different herbal packs are provided for different demands. You can choose the kind of herbal packs you need freely because the price of it is low and you don’t need to consider whether you could purchase it or not.


As it is said above, a foot bath is a very convenient and cost-effective way to nurture your health. Although it cannot treat diseases directly like drugs, it can achieve the effect of daily health maintenance and effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases. If you are interested in it, you can choose the way you like to have this novel experience according to your demand. Even the most expensive Chinese foot massager requires very little investment.

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